Why You Should Quit That Job You Hate

Quit That Job

Who says quitters never win? In my opinion, quitting can sometimes be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Dealing with a toxic relationship? Break it off for good this time. Want to improve your health? Stop munching on salty snacks before bed every night (I’m still working on this one). Struggling to stop snoozing your alarm every morning? Quit going to bed so late and put your phone down – there’s nothing that important for you to scroll through on Twitter.

You probably already know that quitting habits that aren’t good for you is crucial to your overall happiness and wellbeing, so why is it so hard to quit that job you hate? So many of us slave away through months, or even years, of working in positions that don’t fulfill us. We work tirelessly for eight hours a day, and for what? To feel drained, uninspired, and beaten down. We work almost every day of our lives, and doing something you’re not passionate about for 40 hours a week or more is going to take its toll at some point.

That’s why I’m a firm believer in quitting. Don’t get my wrong, I’m not saying you should cuss out your boss and storm out of the office the second you feel disrespected or someone doesn’t like your brilliant idea. I mean that if you’ve taken the steps to improve your situation, whether that means going to HR or having difficult conversations with a co-worker, and you’re still not seeing improvements in your work environment, then it’s time to remove yourself from the situation. To me, a high-paying salary isn’t worth the anxiety and office bathroom meltdowns.

Some people might argue that this is bad advice, but every time I’ve quit a job I didn’t like, I’ve come out on the other side immensely happier than before. For instance, I was working in an apparel sales position for about eight months. I hadn’t done sales before, but the opportunity presented itself at a time when I wasn’t sure about the career path I had originally chosen for myself. Within six months of this job, I realized that sales, while it provides great opportunities for commission and a flexible schedule, just isn’t for me. So I quit.

I quit, and I decided to follow my passions instead. Currently, my passion is barely paying the bills, but I’m taking steps in the right direction and that’s what counts. I’m working every single day to figure my sh*t out and make my dreams come true. It’s cheesy and probably kind of annoying to say, but doing what you love truly is so much better than cashing in on a bigger paycheck…But if any sugar daddies out there want to contribute to the cause my Venmo is @ChloeCaldwell. LOL just kidding…kind of.

Xo, Chloe

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